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2007's Events and Achievements

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2007's Quarter Peal successes

50th Birthday Celebrations - Nov/Dec 07

The 1st Trumpington S Major QP band

A Quarter Peal of Trumpington Surprise Major was rung on Sunday 18th November 2007 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the augmentation of Trumpington belfry from six to eight bells. The new eight bells were rededicated by the Bishop of Ely on 16th November 1957. The first peal of Trumpington Surprise Major was rung on 17th December 1960, at Trumpington.


50th Birthday cakes!
   Birthday cakes, party poppers and balloons!   

Practice night - 21st Nov 07

The 2nd Trumpington Surprise Major QP band
   Continuing the bells 50th anniversary celebrations:

a 2nd (left photo) Quarter Peal of Trumpington Surprise Major was rung on Sunday 25th November 2007, also as birthday compliments to Kath & Richard,


a 3rd (right photo) Quarter Peal of Trumpington Surprise Major was rung on Sunday 9th December 2007.


The 3rd Trumpington Surprise Major QP band

After the meal

Christmas Gathering

More than thirty Trumpington ringers and friends gathered at the Green Man in Grantchester on Monday 17th December 2007 for a splendid Christmas meal together. With ample food (turkey plates piled high!) and drink, a jolly time was had by all. Special thanks go to Hannah for booking the venue, collecting menu choices and negotiating some bottles of wine; and to Mark for his Tower Captain's speech, Trumping Tonic quiz and special prizes.


The Winning Band

Trumpington wins 6-Bell Trophy

The Ely D.A 6-Bell Striking Competition at Thriplow on Saturday 29th September 2007 was won by Trumpington, beating four other association teams. The band was:

1. Hannah Curtis
2. Samantha George
3. Mike Davies
4. Stephen Theobald
5. Mark Norris
6. Robert Oakeshott

Judges: Roger Collins and Murray Coleman


The Tequilla Slammers Surprise Minimus Band

Cocktails for Hannah's Birthday

After ringing QPs all day, the Great Wilbraham Sponsored Quarter Peal band and friends met for cocktails to celebrate Hannah's birthday on the eve of Saturday 22nd September 2007. The cocktails went down well - made with various wickedly alcoholic spirits disguised with sweet and multi-coloured fruit juices, complete with orange/lemon/lime slices and decorative umbrellas. Sam brought her shot glasses for the ultimate tequila slammers. And we sang happy birthday to Hannah before firing a hail of party poppers, and ate fresh strawberries into the night...

One tequila, two tequilas, three tequilas, floor!


The 8-spliced band at Trumpington (Sept 07)

In memory of Marion Perryman

A Quarter Peal of 8-spliced was rung on Sunday 9th September 2007 at Trumpington to celebrate the life of Marion Perryman, a ringer at Orwell, who passed away in her sleep during the previous night.


Jelly babies at Great Thurlow (Sept 07)

Jelly Baby Celebration for 1500th Tower

Stephen rang at his 1500th recorded tower on the "Cycle Ride" tour on Saturday 9th September 2007 at Great Thurlow. It is apparently an obligatory custom to share jelly babies on such occasions!


Striking Competition Band (June 07)

Trumpington retains the Ludbrook Plate

The Cambridge District 6-Bell Striking Competition at Little Shelford on Saturday 9th June 2007 was again won by Trumpington, beating five other local teams. The band, ringing 120 changes of Plain Bob Minor, was:

1. Marilyn Thompson
2. Sharon Stimpson
3. Phil Gorman
4. Mark Norris
5. Robert Oakeshott
6. Ian Davies

Judges: Susan Marsden and Tom Ridgman

The Ludbrook Plate was originally donated by the Trumpington ringers as the striking competition trophy to the District in memory of Ivan Ludbrook, former Tower Captain of Trumpington.


The Horton's 4-spliced band at Trumpington on Sunday 1st April 2007

Congratulations on the birth of Thomas Green

Congratulations to Richard and Laura on the birth of their son, Thomas, on Tuesday 27th March 2007.

Quarter peals were rung at Trumpington (of Horton's 4-spliced London, Bristol, Glasgow, Belfast), and Cherry Hinton (of Cambridge Surprise Minor) to celebrate.


The 8-spliced band at Trumpington

Sharon's first quarter peal of 8-spliced

Sharon scored her first Quarter Peal of 8 Spliced Surprise Major methods (CYNSRBPL) on Sunday 11th February 2007.

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