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2010's Events and Achievements

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The 23 Spliced Surprise Major band - looking rather cold

Peal of 23 Spliced Surprise MajorNew!

The culmination of 9 months hard effort, having worked up from 10 Spliced, 13 Spliced, 16 Spliced , 18 Spliced, 19 Spliced and 21 Spliced, the peal of 23 Spliced Surprise Major was scored by the band at the first attempt on 28th Dec 2010. Patrick called Norman Smith's classic all-the-work composition - the most Surprise Major methods to a peal for Chris, Sharon, Sam and Ian, and Pam's first peal for almost 16 years! Congratulations!!


Climbing forever upward - there's always new methods to learn...

Vanessa's first of Yorkshire

Vee confidently rang her first of Yorkshire, ably conducted by Sam, on 26th Sept 2010.


Lots of happy smiley faces - three in particular

Three firsts of 8 Spliced

One's first quarter peal of 8 spliced is a notable milestone in anyone's ringing career, but to have not just one, not two, but three firsts of 8 spliced in a quarter is a major celebration! Hearty congratulations to Sue, Thomas and Phil on their firsts of 8 Spliced on 19th Sept 2010. Peals next?


The band for Dorothy's first quarter peal:
Back: Rosie, Tom, Ali, Patrick.
Front: Dorothy, Billy, Sharon, Imogen.

Dorothy Brooke's first quarter peal (aged 10)

There cannot be many occasions when a midwife rings in the first quarter peal of a baby that she delivered. On June 17th 2000 Sharon Stimpson delivered Dorothy, and ten years later helped her again as she rang her first quarter peal. Dorothy rang very confidently, and only slightly motivated by the promise of chips in the pub afterwards. We were very pleased to be able to score the quarter peal before her sisters leave for Bristol, Imogen for her first year at University, and Rosie to start work.


Peal of 18 Spliced Surprise Major

Having already conquered the 8, 10, 13 & 16 methods in the Norman Smith's series, the addition of Wembley & Whalley to raise the stakes to 18 was the next challenge, and delivered in fine style with a Peal of 18 Spliced Surprise Major, on Sunday 29th August 2010, conducted by Patrick Brooke.


Barney's first of Major as conductor

Barney called his first Quarter Peal of Major for Evensong on Sunday 16th May.


Peal of 10 Spliced Surprise Major

The addition of Ashtead and Uxbridge to the Standard 8 produced a challenging Peal of 10 Spliced Surprise Major, rung at the first attempt on Saturday 20th March 2010 - the most methods to a peal for half the band - again conducted by Patrick Brooke.


Horton's Four Conquered at Trumpington

Glasgow and Belfast have been firmly part of Trumpington's Surprise Major repertoire for a few years. Ringing these spliced together with London and Bristol was the next challenge. After some successful quarter peals last year, the gauntlet was laid down to ring these "Horton's Four" methods spliced to a peal. A Peal of Horton's Four Spliced Surprise Major was rung on Sunday 6th February 2010, conducted masterfully by Patrick Brooke.


Date touch of 2010 Bristol S Major

A Date touch of 2010 Bristol S Major was rung on Friday 1st January 2010 to welcome the New Year, and for the birth of Oliver Wyn Probert on 19th Dec 2009. The special composition of 2010 changes was put together by Stephen (the first 26 changes) and Mark+Excalibur (the remaining 1984 changes), and conducted by Alan.


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