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2011's Events and Achievements

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On Wed 30th November 2011, a reporter from the Cambridge First newspaper visted Trumpington to meet our Tower Captain, Sam,  
and our Vicar Andy Chrich, to talk about ringing for the Olympics. You can read the report and see the photos here.  

23-spliced band

Peal of Spliced Surprise Major in 23 methods for the Royal Wedding

A Peal of 23-Spliced Surprise Major was rung at Trumpington on Friday 29th April 2011 to celebrate the marriage of HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton, now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, at Westminster Abbey on that day.


2011 Date Touch band, in order, at the Unicorn bar

Date Touch of 2011 Grandsire and Superlative

It is becoming a tradition at Trumpington to ring a "Date Touch" on New Year's Day to welcome the New Year. 2011 is a tricky number of changes to synthesize using standard methods and calls. Stephen dreamt up the basic structure of a date touch, then had a lovely time writing a computer program to search for some true compositions, from which the most musical one was selected. The resulting Date Touch of 2011 Grandsire Triples and Superlative S Major came round cleanly at the first handstroke of the treble's 1-2 down dodge just before the final "wrong" on Saturday 1st January 2011. The band retired to the Unicorn as usual for refreshment, and a novel photo opportunity, courtesy of the bar staff.

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