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2012's Events and Achievements

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The Trumpington Bellringers and Friends at Bill's

Christmas Meal at Bill'sNew!

The Trumpington Bellringers like to have a traditional gathering at Christmas time, with ringing friends and folk who have supported us during the year. Thanks to Sharon for arranging this year's gathering and a rather nice meal, at a new venue for us - Bill's Restaurant in Green Street.


Horton's Four Peal Band

Peal of Horton's Four

A Peal of Horton's Four Surprise Major was scored at Trumpington on Sunday 9th December 2012. We've rung Horton's four before, but this one was using Roderick Horton's original one-part composition, which is a mammoth feat of learning in its own right! Congrats to Patrick!


Diamond Jubilee Peal Band

Peal of 23-Spliced for the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Trumpington Peal Band rang a Peal of Spliced Surprise Major (23 methods, comp N. Smith) on 4th June 2012, for the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.


Jenny's Yorkshire band

Jenny's first QP of Yorkshire

Jenny rang her first QP of Yorkshire Surprise Major, on Sat 2nd June, for the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The QP was called by Sam - her 100th QP as Conductor. Congratulations both!


At The Orchard, Granchester

At The Orchard, Grantchester

On a hot Sunday morning, what better way to refresh after ringing for morning service, than to take tea & coffee at The Orchard, Grantchester? Here's (most of) the band on Sunday 27th May.


Pam's 8-Spliced band

Pam's first QP of 8-Spliced Surprise Major

Pam rang her first QP of 8-spliced on Sat 26th May.


Peal band #1

Two Peals of Spliced Surprise Major, in 23 methods with each lead different

Following-on from last year's successes with Norman Smith's 23-spliced, the Trumpington peal band set their sights on James Taylor's 23-spliced, where 6 of the original methods are replaced by others, resulting in a peal with each lead different. This required learning 161 different blocks (leads) of 32 changes! After a few practice quarter peals, the band successfully scored two peals on successive weekends in March 2012. Full details are here and here.


Peal band #2

2012 Date Touch band, in order, in the tower

Date Touch of 2012 Yorkshire S Major

Mark generated a marvellous Date Touch of 2012 changes of Yorkshire S Major for us, and Robert called it in masterful style on New Year's Day Sunday 1st January 2012 to welcome the New Year. The band retired to the Unicorn as usual for refreshment, and a novel photo opportunity, courtesy of the bar staff.


2012 Date Touch band, at the Unicorn bar

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